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If I had an addiction, it would probably be books. All kinds of books. There is almost nothing better than curling up with fuzzy pillows, warm blankets, a mug of hot chocolate, and of course a book to fall into. Trying to get a full account of all the books I've read in the past - and also trying to be more diligent about documenting the books I read nowadays (and reviewing them). Thus, all current books I read will be reviewed, and all books I've realized I read in the past will not be reviewed unless I read them again. Also trying to expand my palate in books and genres. There's nothing I love better than a recommended new book in a different genre that surpasses my expectations. Feel free to leave a recommendation ^^

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After Life

After Life - Simon Funk,  Funk,  Simon This is a story about a man named Alexander who is a PhD and decides to allow a new experiment in technology be implemented on his own brain, resulting in a meandering story of robots and artificial intelligence and dreams of robots and what happens when these machines take over the world.

I read through this fairly quickly without taking time to think and ponder through the possibilities and implications that Funk brings up. It was an intriguing and mildly engaging story simply for the ideas and concept it brings up - but it doesn't quite push the boundaries of anything new. These thoughts have been written out before, I believe. Only the journey to that end is different, as well as the different characters in play.

I liked the dreamlike atmosphere the story gave from chapter to chapter; there was an uncertain drop going from scene to scene, just as a person might feel right after falling from the top of a roller coaster, just like in dreams where the absurd seems normal until it doesn't, but somehow you still acclimatize to it.

Two and half stars because I liked it, but rounded down because it didn't really bring anything new to the scifi table for me.