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If I had an addiction, it would probably be books. All kinds of books. There is almost nothing better than curling up with fuzzy pillows, warm blankets, a mug of hot chocolate, and of course a book to fall into. Trying to get a full account of all the books I've read in the past - and also trying to be more diligent about documenting the books I read nowadays (and reviewing them). Thus, all current books I read will be reviewed, and all books I've realized I read in the past will not be reviewed unless I read them again. Also trying to expand my palate in books and genres. There's nothing I love better than a recommended new book in a different genre that surpasses my expectations. Feel free to leave a recommendation ^^

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A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens, Stephen Koch
Invisible Cities - William Weaver, Italo Calvino Italo Calvino is a genius of a writer. I absolutely adore his writing. Even midway through the book, all I could think was wow, wow, I love this, wow.

It's in the feel of the writing, it's in the ambiance he creates with his words. There is a sense of longing and mystery and just the feel of a person sitting down with a mug of something steaming in his hands, closing his eyes and letting the steam wash over his cheeks.

Invisible Cities is such a beautiful book for the possibilities it evokes in the mind. These snipbits of cities are endless possibilities waiting to be unraveled. The conversations between the the Khan and Marco Polo are a hint of the past and the theme that ties the book together.

I adore this book. I will have to come back to it.
It is not an easy read. It is not a book to skim through and be done. Each little paragraph is an entire city, each little paragraph is a city of thought to be discovered.
But it is beautiful.

Five stars because I love it too much, and I only give five stars to books I love. Recommended only for people who love imagination.