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If I had an addiction, it would probably be books. All kinds of books. There is almost nothing better than curling up with fuzzy pillows, warm blankets, a mug of hot chocolate, and of course a book to fall into. Trying to get a full account of all the books I've read in the past - and also trying to be more diligent about documenting the books I read nowadays (and reviewing them). Thus, all current books I read will be reviewed, and all books I've realized I read in the past will not be reviewed unless I read them again. Also trying to expand my palate in books and genres. There's nothing I love better than a recommended new book in a different genre that surpasses my expectations. Feel free to leave a recommendation ^^

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A Tale of Two Cities
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Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross Before Mira's sixteenth birthday, she runs away to try to find her parents' grave. She lands smack into a city of fairy tales and is quickly enraptured with boys. Yes, boys plural.

I enjoyed the plot line and the nods to the Grimm brothers. It's not difficult to love the main characters, Mira and Blue. Except Mira's confused feelings about love were rather eye-rolling inducing. Love triangles are more frustrating than any other kind of romance because there is never enough development to justify the "love" between at least 2 of the characters. Make up your mind, girl. So to be perfectly honest, I only loved the fairy tales woven into the story. In the end, this story is a 100% romance novel - that's the entire plot line. While Blue is sufficiently distracting and the world is intriguing, that the entire plot line centers around romance bothers me because Mira essentially ignores the reason why she goes to the city in the first place to fall madly, deeply in love with boys she knows for a week. .... typical teen romance protagonist, hmm?

Unfortunately the book glosses over secondary character development and also fails to tie up loose ends concerning major plot lines, which demoted the review to 2 stars instead of 3. Secondary characters seemed to be introduced only to show off fairy tales, rather than moving the plot along. Seeing no resolution for their stories simply made their presence in the story worthless besides giving Mira a heads up.

Definitely not worth a reread, especially the more I think about the book the more I dislike it. But I had an amusing time brainlessly skimming through this one through.